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Italy has some of the most romantic and historic cities the world over, a real joy to the eyes.

Due to Italy's history of different city-states, republics, duchies and grand-duchies, many of the country's cities were capital cities of their own states and even commanded great empires.

Venice, the Serenissima Repubblica di San Marco, was capital of its empire. Not to mention Rome, capital of the greatest empire of antiquity, on which, along with Greek culture, the Western civilisation was founded. Florence, the capital of the state of Tuscany.

Other Italian great cities are Milan, Italy's industrial, financial and commercial capital but also a city with a wealth of art and stunning architecture, Naples in the South, and Turin, Genoa and Bologna in the North.


Italy is a very long peninsula, with a lengthy coastline, full of bays, gulfs, inlets and myriad islands, big and small.

Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Portofino, Cinque Terre: all places remembered in songs, films and literary works by the artists and writers who visited them and wanted to make permanent the memory of their breathtaking beauty. And one thing is sure: you won't be disappointed when you see them with your very eyes.

Not only the famous seaside resorts of the Bay of Naples or the Italian Riviera are worth seeing, though. What about being stunned by the majestic Apuane Alps near the Viareggio beach, with their marble used by Michelangelo, who also worked in the quarries? Or living in a trullo in Alberobello? Original experiences you can only have in this magic country.


Tuscany is only one of the 20 regions of Italy, the region of Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Chianti.

And yet I have put it in a separate category, along with Cities and Seaside, because it's one of the three great experiences of Italy.

For English-speaking visitors, Tuscany has become synonymous with Italian countryside, or at least a particular, and particularly delightful, part of it.

Tuscany's hilly countryside is among the most evocative, especially in the area between Florence and Siena, the district, producing one of the finest wines, that the British call Chiantishire.

Many cities and towns in Tuscany are extremely well preserved within their walls from the Medieval and Renaissance times when they flourished. Indeed you'll stumble upon so many little gems at every step, beside the well-known cities.


You are planning to visit Italy, or you are already there. How do you organise your stay, decide what to see, find accommodation, overcome all those language barriers, understand the local culture, and so on?

The author of Italy Travels Guide is Enza Ferreri, an Italian writer and former journalist who has been living in London for 30 years and regularly visits her native country. So she knows Italy from the inside for having been born and bred there but at the same time understands the viewpoint of travellers from abroad, particularly British and other English-speaking visitors.

You'll find here guides to cities, towns, districts, regions all over Italy, accommodation for all different budgets in many of the areas and cities, how to travel to and within Italy.

Culture, food, lifestyle. And many pages have an Italian Mini Dictionary, with words, phrases and expressions related to the page's subject.


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Viareggio Beach Apartment

Viareggio Beach Apartment

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Viareggio Beach Apartment